Use at your own risk, under Creative Commons Share-alike with Attribution license v3.0 ============================= PQ SPACE - MANDELBROT FRACTAL ============================= Documentation of the algorithm: J. A. Shuster, J. Koeplinger, "Doubly nilpotent numbers in the 2D plane" (2010), Appendix A. index-thumbnails.html -- a structured HTML index page Packages/ -- contains fully packaged code libraries to create PQ space Mandelbrot-type fractals runs/ -- contains the sample bitmaps runs/*.png -- fractal bitmaps (note that some were rendered at a higher resolution, and then subsequently scaled down with cubic anti-aliasing, using The GIMP). runs/*.sh -- contains the command line used to create that fractal License: Creative Commons Share-alike with attribution, v3.0. See the "README" file in the latest package in the "Packages" directory for details. Jens Koeplinger, 16 January 2011